Capvest Advisors, AIASwiss (AIA Life Designers group) and Ethicia Healthcare Management are delighted to announce the arrival of their new service platform in Geneva, dedicated to the healthcare sector in Switzerland and Europe. These three organizations, which enjoy a strong reputation in their respective fields – namely real estate development, architectural design, implementation, the establishment of operating companies and the funding of medical projects – have joined forces to offer their clients a unique “one-stop-shop” type of service.

Our goal is to help our clients – be they investors or future operators – to implement innovative real estate projects in the healthcare field. Thanks to this all-round expertise delivered under one umbrella, we are able to provide our clients with the highest design standards every time, while delivering cost-effective innovation and efficiency.

Thus, Capvest Healthcare offers a full range of services: strategy consulting & healthcare management, healthcare real estate development, and the implementation of turnkey healthcare projects from design to delivery: retirement homes (sheltered housing in rental buildings or PPE [co-owned] condominiums with specialist services), out-patient clinics, sanatoriums, etc.