CAPVEST healthcare is a collaboration of three leading specialists in their fields: Capvest Advisors SA (Capvest group), AIASwiss (AIA Life Designers group) and Ethicia Healthcare Management, which together offer global and highly regarded expertise in the medical sector (real estate, architecture and management)

The CAPVEST healthcare platform provides institutional and private-sector investors with all-round expertise for all kinds of medical projects.

Concept Capvest Healthcare

CAPVEST healthcare is your ideal partner for bringing your healthcare projects to fruition, thanks to its integrated multidisciplinary team.

Projet Immobilier

Real estate projects are complex, and healthcare actors must respond to the high pace of change in the sector (the shift to ambulatory care, cost optimization, holistic and integrated care pathways) by delivering a blend of user satisfaction, high-tech facilities and efficient buildings.

CAPVEST healthcare’s business is centered mainly in Switzerland. However, it also operates in France and China through AIA Life Designers, and in Portugal and China through the Capvest group.