Project Description

Clinique de la Sauvegarde

Lyon, France

Strategy consulting and management

Taken over successively by Mérieux and Swedish firm Capio, these two clinics – with 200 and 100 beds, respectively – had accumulated major financial, organizational and real estate problems. After carrying out a complete business overhaul and updating the organizational structure and the equipment, the challenge was to open up and develop the land and buildings – which were situated in a restrictive urban environment – to accommodate the medical and surgical activity generated by the merger of the two facilities.

The project began with the creation of a 150-space parking lot underneath the neighboring soccer pitch, which allowed the main clinic to be extended and provided room to accommodate the clinic next door.

The complete reconfiguration of care units and patient pathways in line with innovative concepts enabled the optimization of flows, and therefore enhanced patient satisfaction.

The new, reorganized and extended clinic now offers a 250-bed capacity and features highly in France’s national quality rankings. It is also the first private clinic in France to have its very own heliport for responding to life-or-death emergencies in the Lyon area.