Project Description

Saint Joseph Hospital Foundation

Paris, France

Development, implementation and management

Our healthcare expertise and optimization advice enabled the Saint Joseph Hospital Foundation to merge three hospitals on the same site: Saint-Joseph, Notre-Dame de Bon Secours and Saint-Michel.

The restructuring and reorganization operations focused on:

  • The restructuring and reorganization of logistics.
  • The restructuring of the surgery and medicine units, and the medico-technical center.
  • The creation of an obstetrics block.
  • The restructuring and reorganization of 16 operating rooms and the recovery room.
  • The restructuring of the interventional cardiology department.

The architectural design extends the low-rise layout and the medical hub structure with three new buildings to accommodate medico-surgical and obstetrics departments, thus creating a “healthcare village”.

The project was carried out on an occupied, active site in several phases, including restructuring, extension work and the construction of new buildings.