Strategy consulting and management

  • Audit of real estate portfolios and operating companies in the healthcare sector, and investment strategy consulting

  • Long-term ROI optimization (cross-analysis of real estate, financial and legal assets)

  • Performance auditing and restructuring

  • Structuring of human resources (medical and management staff)

Healthcare real estate development

  • Acquisitions (real estate, operational, financial and strategic due diligence)

  • Land and real estate searches through a wide network of contacts

  • Financial and legal structuring

  • Optimization of resource flows and usage

  • Architectural design

  • Sustainability consulting

  • Management of the regulatory environment and of operating licenses

Project development and management

  • Project development under a basic commercial contract, a general contractor agreement or a construction supervision contract, depending on the client’s preferences and priorities

  • Financial planning (optimization of the cost/quality ratio)

  • End-to-end renovation projects on active sites: clinics and hospitals (including upgrading to current standards at the request of the health authorities)